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Numerology is the science of the esoteric relationship between numbers and living things or physical objects. Numerological divination was popular by early mathematician and today, it is is practiced by divination practitioners. Numerology is basically the study of numbers. Over the years, Geetanjali Lokhande has been asked many a time "What's my number?" Some people say that they find it hard to understand how to calculate their numbers. Like life itself, it can be difficult to work out certain problems or situations, but if we persevere we eventually get the idea of what it is all about, and a whole new level of awareness may open up to us. Numerology has guided many of Geetanjali's clients through some of best and some of the worst times in their lives. It has given her the understanding that we all go through certain experiences and learning in our lives that assists us in growing as a person, and universal being.


What can i say about Geetanjali Madam!!!

A true advisory. Dedicated to her professional. Life has shaped and given a right path just because of her. every time in urgency i sms her, she is immediate to response. thanks to her and her profession which has helped us in many ways.